Kishorn Port and Dry Dock

Kishorn Port is located on the west coast of Scotland, in the Wester Ross region of the Highlands. It is approximately 70 miles by road from Inverness and 200 miles from Glasgow. Kishorn Port provides three berths and a single continuous straight edged quayside of 120m in length, running parallel to the general shoreline at approximately 260/08’ degrees true. At the western end, the quayside projects some 40m from the shoreline whilst at the eastern end the loch shore turns northwards into the bay and estuary of the river Kishorn.

The quayside top stands 10m above the seabed and is open to the sea in a westerly direction with deep water in close proximity to the quayside. Kishorn could be occupied by vessels up to 100m or more, subject to terms not always afloat but safe aground. The present mooring bollard arrangement allows reasonable security for a vessel of up to 100m in length and approximately 3500 DWT.

In total, there is 460m of quayside with an overall footprint of up to 45ha of land within the port including extensive hard standings and lay down areas.

Kishorn Port and Dry Dock Serving the Energy Industry since 1975 Kishorn Port Limited (KPL) was formed in 2008 as a joint venture between Ferguson Transport & Shipping and Leiths (Scotland) Ltd, to work closely with the energy industries and local communities, with the objective of regenerating the site and bringing it back into full use.

KPL continues to progress with development plans for Kishorn Port, with full Planning Permission a Waste Management Licence and a NORM licence in place, KPL can accommodate the needs of the following sectors; oil & gas and decommissioning projects; the laydown and assembly of renewable energy devices; operations in manufacturing of offshore wind, wave and tidal sectors, and the aquaculture and timber industries.

On site, there are established quarry and port facilities, shipping agency, stevedoring, cranage and transport facilities with self-discharge work vessels.

The Dry Dock has an opening of 166m with 13.8m of water @MHWS. Due to its size and water depth, Kishorn Dry Dock can take wider structures compared to most of its port competitors – making it one of the best sites in Europe within its field in terms of capacity and for future requirements in the oil & gas and decommissioning sectors, with almost unlimited load bearing capacity in the Dry Dock floor. The sheltered nature of the Port & Dry Dock allows for minimum amount of disruption to operations due to weather, even in winter months.

History of Kishorn Port & Dry Dock to Present Day The site at Kishorn was originally developed in the 1970s by Howard Doris Ltd for the construction of the renowned 600,000t Ninian Central Platform.

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