BPA statement on the resolution of the situation onboard the Nave Andromeda

Following the resolution to the situation on the Nave Andromeda today where UK authorities boarded and detained seven stowaways, the British Ports Association has issued the following statement.

“We are glad to see the resolution of the situation in the Solent and we are pleased that the crew of the Nave Andromeda are now safe. This must have been a harrowing experience and we are pleased that the UK special forces were able to respond to the crew’s request for assistance in a swift and decisive manner.

It would be wrong for us to speculate further on the specific events that led to the situation until the shipping line and the relevant authorities have been able to investigate exactly what happened.

In general terms however the International Maritime Organization (IMO) sets global security standards for ships and ports under its International Ship and Port Facility Security Code. This is an established and robust regime. This includes standards for terminal access and specifications for permitter fencing as well as requirements for onboard security plans and officers. Separately IMO rules also require shipowners to ensure the health and welfare of stowaways.”

Richard Ballantyne
Chief Executive
British Ports Association

The ship, owned by Greek shipping company Navios, was en route from Lagos in Nigeria to the Fawley oil refinery and shortly before it was due to arrive into the UK, the crew sought assistance from the UK authorities.

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